JWST 106: Jewish Guilt Syllabus

by Dan Berkman

University of Pennsylvania
Professor Sadie Gold
JWST 106: Jewish Guilt

I. Grading Policy

There are two methods for calculating your grade that weigh differently your progress over the semester. The weighting can either favor performance over the entire semester or improvement during the semester. Either way, you will never be as good as your brother in law school. Any questions about grading or challenges must be submitted within one week of receiving the grade. I don’t have forever.

II. Homework

Weekly homework will be assigned but will not be graded. But you should do it. It’s good for you. Like those vitamins I got you. Are you taking them?

III. Midterm

A midterm examination will include 20 multiple choice questions and two essay questions covering all the material up to that point in the semester. It’ll be alright, okay? Just get some sleep. Are you sleeping enough? You look pale.

IV. Final Exam

The format of the final exam will be determined later on in the course but will likely be approximately 30 multiple choice questions and four essay questions. You will have two hours for the exam. Maybe you could finish early this time? Your brother always finished early.

There will be a makeup exam that will be given the following week. Explanations as to why you will need to take the makeup exam must be submitted within one week of the scheduled final exam. Speaking of makeup, you think maybe your sister Sarah could dress up for once? Would a little eyeliner kill her?

V. How to Prepare

Review lecture outlines the night before and lectures notes the night of the class. It should only take a few minutes. Surely you have a few minutes to look over notes, like those few minutes you use to not call your mother. I worry about you. Are you eating?

VI. Whom to Contact for Assistance

Your mother. I’m home, by the phone. God knows your father never takes me out.

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