Friday Special: Car Models Made For West Philly

by Dan Berkman

In today’s world of OPEC, Global Warming, and Perez Hilton, selecting a car can be an important decision. But equally important is your Philly street cred, which will certainly suffer if you get some weak-ass pussy shit. Daniel Berkman explains:

Car Models Made for the Ghetto/Hood/West Philly:

Acura DMX
Aston Martin DB 9 mm
Audi Section 8
Chevrolet Pimpala
Chrysler Crossfire
Ford Convictoria
Ford Extortion
Ford Musthang
Jeep Strangler
Kia Riot
Lamborghini Murderlago
Lincoln Town Cartel
Mercedes CSI 550
Nissan Maxima Security
Toyota Scamry
Toyota RAP4


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