Where in the World was Kim Jong-un?

With reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has allegedly  (and finally) been seen in public, many people are wondering where he has been for the past month. Punch Bowl investigative journalists have obtained authentic, real, and totally legit photographic evidence showing how the supreme leader has been spending his time.

In the past month, he:

Received the Nobel Peace Prize for singlehandedly ending war and spreading world peace

Nobel Peace Prize


















Went HAM at Oktoberfest














Acted as team captain for the Cleveland Cavaliers














Turned down for what

Turn Down For What









Judged basics














Snuck into Starbucks everyday to get pumpkin spice lattes

Pumpkin Spice















Went on a Birthright trip to find a nice Jewish girl
















Had secret relationship with Kris Jenner to comfort her amidst her recent divorce from Bruce

Kris Jenner





















Fulfilled his dream of becoming a backup dancer for Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj














Visited Madame Tussauds to pose with his favorite celebs


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