Class, Did Any of You Leave this Behind?

Hey gang, it looks like one of you left your mobile phone behind today.
Does this look familiar? I’ll be sleeping in my office tonight if you want to come pick it up then.

Also, it looks like someone left this nifty new walkman near the front row. Better come by my office quick, my daughter wants one in this color! LOL!

I also noticed this little ball of yarn on the floor near the exit, any knitting enthusiasts missing this?

Oh boy, is one of you guys missing his/her wallet? We found this in the middle row on the left and my TAs lost count at around $50,000.

A bit of bad news for the owner of this raccoon, found dead near the dumpster behind our building.
We’re sorry to have to show you this, but if this looks like your raccoon, best come scoop it up before the vermin get to it.

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