“Woke” PoliSci Major Falls Asleep in Every Class

One of the only male students in Feminist Political Thought is Hank St. Germaine (C’19), a PoliSci major. St. Germaine is one of the 90% of PoliSci majors who was a PPE major for the first 5 weeks of freshman year. When asked to describe himself, St. Germaine proudly quoted his own Tinder bio: “I’m a pro-choice, feminist vegan, passionate about women’s rights and finding the right woman.”

(Editor’s note: Ew.)

According to sources, during every lecture, this “woke” senior sleeps atop his laptop decked out in aggressive stickers like “#NODAPL,” “No Meat, No Problem!,” and “IF YOU HATE SOCIALISM, GET OFF MY PUBLIC ROADS!” Lila Parker, who sits next to this social-justice warrior, claims St. Germaine storms into almost every class spewing pointed tirades about all kinds of social issues, from gun violence to reproductive rights. Parker told the Punch Bowl that St. Germaine once came in and, without prompting, said, “I am a white man. I am always careful about what I contribute to any conversation, because I know all about privilege. Seriously, ask me questions about it. Let’s engage in a dialogue. I can answer anything about this topic, like, I don’t know anyone who knows more about privilege than I do.”

Lila Parker, who was on the receiving end of that particular speech, said that before she had the chance to respond, the professor started the lecture on second-wave feminism. St. Germaine was out like an eco-friendly LED light bulb before the professor could say, “intersectional.”


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