Official List of Potential BBB Major Names

This past week has been an exciting time for the BBB major department, which stands for umm… uhhh… basic bio something? Due to numerous complaints and general confusion, the BBB department issued a proposal to change the name to something easier to understand.

Current BBB major, Simon P (C’20), expressed his thoughts about the issue: “It always gets on my nerves when people ask ‘what’s that?’ every time I would bring up my major. I have so many other accomplishments to talk about, so I hate taking the time to explain what BBB is.”

The Punch Bowl obtained an inside scoop of the names currently in the running:

PMED: I’m a Pre-Med

BN:  Basically a Neurosurgeon

EB:  Easy Biology

BT:  Bio with a Twist

BBB:  Big Booty Bitchez

HRDPSYC: It’s like psych, but hard

BBB:  Big Baller Brand

BA:  Brain Aficionado

RHSS:  Really Hard Science-y Stuff

BBB: Better Business Bureau (Required Wharton Dual-Degree)

AAA (curve-setters)

BPCGS:  Neurobio-Psych-Chem-Geo-Science-ology

BBB:  Butts-Boobs-Booze

SMRT:  I’m Smart

BBB:  Blah Blah Blah

PMED:  Did I mention that I’m a Pre-Med?


Although the process of renaming the major is still in its preliminary stages, current majors are eager to AX-ON this opportunity.

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