David Michael

About: David Michael

AIM: DSeaShore8 – That’s right, it’s an 8th grade sn.

Yahoo IM: Does anyone actually use this?

Google Talk: Jabber…wocky?

Biographical: Superpower I’ve always wanted: to fly! Superpower I currently have: Making orthodox girls uncomfortable. There is much progress to be made.

The author has 10 post(s):

 It’s like Tuesdays with Morrie, only, instead of talking about feelings, we talk about food and racist puns. on 03/05/2011, stored in Articles

 The Classiest Freshman on 22/03/2011, stored in Articles

 Graduation Application on 22/02/2011, stored in Articles

 Senior Year – STATUS UPDATE on 08/02/2011, stored in Articles

 Medical School Accepts Student for Exemplary Call-of-Duty Military Service on 23/11/2010, stored in Articles

 Old Spice: Roommate on 09/11/2010, stored in Articles

 Oh the Places You’ll Go on 12/10/2010, stored in Articles

 Friday Special: Bailopoly on 01/09/2010, stored in Articles

 Doing Halloween – How to Get Laid Pagan-Style on 01/09/2010, stored in Articles

 The Guy’s Guide to Penn Girls on 15/08/2010, stored in Articles

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