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All Radio Sketches Online!

Guess what? All of the sketches from Punch Bowl’s finest radio program, “Punch Bowl in the Morning After Dark!!!” are now organized by title and episode number for you to download for free! It must be your birthday! Find them here…

Punch Bowl In the Morning….After Dark!!!

The Punch Bowl’s first and only radio show will premiere this Sunday! That’s right…I said… SUNDAY!!!! That’s Sunday, September 23, 2010 for you folks on the Gregorian, and about 2 years and 2 months until the apocalypse for those on the Mayan. The show will start at 6 pm eastern time. It’s perfect to tune … Continue reading

Punch Bowl is Attacking Your Ears!

by Sam Pasternack Punchbowl is proud to unveil its plans to yell incoherently into a microphone. “Punchbowl In the Morning!!!….After Dark…” will be a segmented comedy show on WQHS, and will solely broadcast online, because airwaves went out of style with Pokemon Snap. The program is in its innocent and nascent stages of production, and … Continue reading