Arnolf Bentham

About: Arnolf Bentham

Biographical: Richard ‘Toothy’ Bookerton was born in 1954 beneath the overpass near Exit 47-A on I-95. Raised on garbage and hard knocks, Bookerton learned from an early age that if he was going to get anywhere in life, it would be through “git’n money from hav’n folks thinks that I be not what I am’s” .

Toothy began grifting in the early 60s, taking such personas as a child prodigy at piano, the illegitimate son of Jeopardy host Art Fleming, and a can of tuna. In 1974 he convinced the public that he was the manager of the Philadelphia Phillies and led them to 3rd place in the National League East (Mike Schmidt would later acknowledge that most of his fielding expertise came from Bookerton’s instruction). In the 1980s and 90s he spent time on his biggest project ever by conning his way to Vice President of the United States under the pseudonym ‘Dan Quayle’.

Today, Bookerton is currently passing off as a student at the University of Pennsylvania under the names such as ‘Arnolf Bentham’ and ‘Jonah T. Mysterious’. It is known that he frequently contributes to the Punch Bowl Humor Magazine.

The author has 30 post(s):

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 Ancient Greek Life on 15/12/2009, stored in Articles

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