To downlad a .zip file containing all sketches, click here

Episode 1
Challah At Ya Boi
Sleep Ad
Sam 60 Second Lecture
Bro Talk
Lance 60 Second Lecture
Exorcism Ad
Jonah 60 Second Lecture
Spike and the Ice Man

Episode 2
Challah At Ya Boi #2
German Yelling

Episode 3
Bro Talk #2
Sarcastica Consista
Totally Politics
Star Wars Therapy
Challah At Ya Boi #3

Episode 4
Autumn Olympics
Obeast and Andyrexia
Right of the Button
Nantucket Nectars
Totally Sports

Episode 5
Puppets! #2
Sarcastica Consista #2
Defense Against the Dark Arts
JFK Reads Shakespeare
The Adventures of Legacy Man
Obeast and Andyrexia #2

Episode 6
Costume Pickup Lines
Totally Satan Part 1
Princess Skit
Totally Satan Part 2
Fencepost #2
Totally Satan Part 3

Episode 7
Bro Talk #3
Right of the Button #2
Challah At Ya Boi #4

Episode 8
Fencepost Thanksgiving
Potter Fanatics
Dan Berkman’s Thanksgiving Food Rant

Episode 9
Guest Star Spectacular Featuring Matt Wetherell and Andrew Piskai

Episode 10
JFK Eats Cereal
Sarcastica Consista #3
JFK Watches Youtube Videos
Obeast and Andyrexia #3

Episode 11
The Rapsis of Evil

Episode 12
Fencepost Super Bowl Part 1
Huey Lewis and the News
Fencepost Super Bowl Part 2
The Springdale Players
Fencepost Super Bowl Part 3

Episode 13
Starch Madness


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